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May 1, 2008

Astoria Can Feel The Power, And They Are Not Happy

Authority Approves Power Plant for New York City
The state authority has selected Astoria Energy LLC to build a new gas-fueled plant in Queens under a 20-year contract. The decision will help make up for the loss of the Charles Poletti Power Project in Queens, which is due to close in 2010.
Here is some back ground on the Charles Poletti Power Project, it's a good read.

The 885-megawatt (mw) Poletti project, and a new 500-mw combined-cycle power plant built directly next door, enable the Power Authority to meet the electricity requirements of its large government customers in New York City, who save hundreds of millions of dollars a year in lower energy costs by using NYPA-generated electricity. They include tax-supported schools, hospitals, municipal buildings, and the metropolitan region’s subways and commuter trains.

Astoria Residents Unhappy With Plans For Area's Sixth Power Plant

With five power plants already in his neighborhood, Douglas Sanchez is fuming over plans to build a new one here in Astoria.

“I’d like them to find someplace else. I really don't want it here,” said Sanchez.

The plan, selected by the New York Power Authority out of 30 proposals, will allow Astoria Energy to build a natural gas-fueled plant that would supply 500 megawatts of power under a 20-year contract to some of the city's schools, subways, and public housing.

“The city might need it, but you know why don't they put it on Fifth Avenue?” said Sanchez.