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May 19, 2008

Scattered Shots Kill Little Girl In Queens

Girl Is Killed in Queens as Shots Scatter Dancers

The teenagers were dancing before the squat backdrop of a housing project Saturday night in Far Rockaway, Queens, when the gunfire began. They all ran, until someone turned and saw that one girl was not running. She had dropped to the ground without a sound, a bullet hole in her temple.

As of Sunday evening, no one had been arrested in the shooting. Neighbors said two groups of young men — boys, even — from two different sections of buildings in the Redfern Houses complex had been feuding for so long that no one really remembered what the fight was about.

“It’s the front versus the back,” said Sonya Smith, 37. “These are babies, 12 years and up. They never say anything. They just start shooting.” Another woman, Keisha Brown, 20, said, “It’s just stupid.”

What a sad story, The New York Time also has a picture included. I was actually considering not blogging this story due to the sadness and the poor reflection of Queens would get from outside readers (if there are any). Overall I wish there could be something done about things like this that would bring some real change to certain areas where drugs and violence are everyday occurrences. I think its up to the elders of the community to speak out against this and perhaps talk to those involved especially the youth some of which may actually listen. There is no real answer to fix situations like this today, but with the right determination this doesn't have to be the future either.