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February 11, 2008

Queens Forclosure : "We Must Take Action"

New York Comptroller William Thompson makes a speech at York College in Jamaica Queens. I am glad to see that someone is at least talking about doing something about this on going problem. It has become increasingly hard for both the middle, lower middle and urban poor to live in Queens, hopefully this talking gets the ball rolling and fast, before this recession hits.

Queens was hit the hardest of the five boroughs, according to the Web site RealtyTrac. The site recently reported that foreclosures rose 59 percent in 2007, with 11,000 homeowners facing eviction in the borough as compared with the previous year.

“We continue to hear stories of despair, from people who are confronted with the difficult choices of paying bills and affording to put meals on the table for their families,” Thompson said. “We have also heard about the harsh economic consequences that foreclosures can have on neighboring properties and entire communities. We as a city cannot afford to sit on the sidelines, do nothing and think that these challenges will solve themselves. We must take action.”

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