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February 7, 2008

Sweet and Romantic Valentines Day Ideas and Tips Your Girlfriend will Love

We Light Up Queens' Top 15 Ideas and Tips for Valentines Day

Alright so hopefully most of you are realizing that Valentines day is right around the corner. Here is a list of little things and big things that can go a long way.

Remember preparation is key.
Impress your Girlfriend or Wife now, because on March 20th it will be SBJ Day.

Lets Start with Valentines Day gifts that wont cost you a penny!

* Please note that it is not advised to only give her a free gift.

1. Make a slide show of all the pictures you have together, usually putting them in chronological order has the best affect. Throw on some background music that will be meaningful and some love quotes there and there and magically in a 30 minute time span, you have expressed your love without breaking the bank or causing you a huge headache.

2. If the weather is warm enough, take her on a picnic in a scenic park or garden area.

*Not Free but still not so expensive.

3. Chocolates and Flowers

4. In depth Love letter; the longer the better. Sometimes being speechless about your feelings is a good thing but don't be redundant of the sake of length. Throw in some love quotes, use them in moderation this is from you to her not from the author of the quotes.

5. Buy her a little hand bag and put little notes or poems in each of the pockets. If you are really short on the cash you can do it to a bag she uses all the time so she finds them for weeks to come.

6. Pay close attention to recent conversations about things she likes or wishes she had done. Work off the information you collect and surprise the heck out of her when one of her dreams comes true.

* Probe her through general conversation about her favorite foods, deserts, restaurants and color
(something you should already know).

7. Prepare the house for a romantic evening.

Ex: Light a fire in the fireplace
Rose petals over the bed
Candle lit dinner
Soft background music
Red Christmas lights around the house
Roses everywhere
Red Ribbon
"I Love You" helium balloons
Cut out hearts in Valentines Day colors and stick them all over.
Valentines Day Candy ( Custom made ones score points)
Satin Sheets
Bubble Bath
Lingerie and Handcuffs
Romantic Movies

8. Go to a restaurant and make all the arrangements ahead of time such as reservations, limo or taxi, also make sure she is dressed properly for the place.

* Trying out a new restaurant? Go there before hand and find out what they make good, and spend a lunch break there to verify for yourself. Food can make or break the evening, no one wants to head home feeling sick or dissatisfied because that will ruin all your hard work.

* If something goes wrong, stay cool. If you get nervous or upset she will too. Remember the night is about spoiling her, not you scoring points. ( if you can't do both)

9. Have romantic music on a Cd prepared for the ride over to the restaurant.

10. Be a gentleman, open doors, pull out chairs, wear that special cologne that drives her wild.

11. Arrange for the waiter to come and take your picture together.

Send flowers to her workplace, but don't over do it and get her in trouble.

13. Make yourself look and feel like a million bucks, your unusual increase in confidence will really come across to her, and probably help the mood compared to Mr. Insecurity.

Get yourself all set up, The Checklist is as follows:
A. Haircut
B. Clean Shave
C. Extra Deodorant
D. Extra Cologne
E. Contacts if applicable
F. Work out for those extra cuts
G. Wash your car

* Mints and/or Gum is essential, make sure your breath is fresh before going in for a big sloppy kiss. Also offer her a piece before hand, you don't want to be turned down for a kiss because she thinks she has bad breath.

*Utilize bathroom breaks like a woman.
Fix your hair, brush your teeth to assure that there is no spinach in your teeth.
Bring a pocket sized cologne bottle to re-up on your irresistible scent.

14. Special Massage with Aroma therapy.

15. Late Night Themes Coupons ( very over used in the past but still good if your going to do that anyways)