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January 21, 2008

The Cherry Valley Experience

Cherry Valley: Deli and Grill 12-29 150th Street, Whitestone New York 11357 Telephone: (718) 767-1937

Cherry Valley Deli and Grill, not to be confused with Cherry Valley Long Island, Cherry Valley in Upstate New York or Cherry Valley, Illinois. When I was first asked to go to Cherry Valley my mind was obviously in the gutter and I couldn't imagine where my friends were taking me. It did not look too special from the outside or on the inside however their food is phenomenal. Cherry Valley is the go to place when your craving a nice hero or something along those lines. For most of Queens, Cherry Valley is a nice ride on the Long Island Expressway/Cross Island or down Francis Lewis Boulevard, but trust me it is worth the trip. The sandwiches there average about 7 bucks but its price is justified by its taste. If you are on a strict diet, and refuse to at least try something pretty greasy, stop here this is not for you.Cherry Valley has 208 different meals available 24 hours a day in addition to a 24 hour Breakfast menu.

You can even check out their page for more information on their epic sandwiches.

Now the big question is which sandwich do I choose? This is probably the most controversial and most heavily debated topic among Cherry Valley lovers. My personal favorite is a "Beast" on a hero. ( Chicken cutlet with Bacon, Swiss, Onion Rings and Brown Gravy). The "TCS" is usually the beginners sandwich of choice (chicken cutlet with Brown Gravy and American cheese). Others swear by the "Bushman" ( Chicken cutlet with Bacon, Brown Gravy and American cheese), the "Corona" (chicken cutlet with Bacon, cheddar, Onion rings and BBQ sauce). "The Bomb" is also one of the highest regarded sandwiches at Cherry Valley. It is basically a Beast with grilled steak rather than a chicken cutlet. If you are a big fan of Roast Beef, then a "Fatboy" is for you. ( As you can already see there is a pattern here, and most of the sandwiches are a variations of each other.

Cherry Valley has been awarded many honors, check out their Testimonial page which is more like a Trophy case.

There are only a few downsides to Cherry Valley. First of all there is no eating area ( seats or tables), it truly is a deli settings where you have to resort to eating in your car or at home. 2nd is whether you are there at 2:00 in the afternoon or 2:00 in the morning there is always a line. Parking can be an issue sometimes too but usually isn't too bad. My advice to you is order ahead of time, it will save you 15 to 20 minutes.

The also have an email address you can reach a representative at

Here is a quick link to Mapquest to aid you on your journey Mapquest Directions.

Whitestone Menu

There are also other debates between whether the West Hempstead location is better than the Whitestone. Another big debate this Cherry Valley versus Cristina's which is across the street from the Whitestone location.
(I wasn't impressed, but they do have places to sit down.)

Cherry Valley Deli & Grill in Queens