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January 29, 2008

Do you want Bloomberg to run for office?

Basically any time anyone mentions the possibility and/or the benefit of having Michael Bloomberg in office I can never see down side. If you agree with me and would like to see Mayor Bloomberg run; sign the petition here. I would like to see if he can really live up to all the promises and goals he has already made for the city of New York and Queens especially.

The four reasons I think Bloomberg will made a good president:

1. He can not be bought or bribed, ( if you don't think that current president Bush and Vice President Cheney are following such practices then you should catch up with Google or to get a dose of reality)

2. He would be able to fix the economy, a very important factor considering we are going into a recession. Apparently a very bright man who attended Harvard Business School and John Hopkins University.

3. He is a philanthropist, however unlike current and past governments his history of funding is all based on New York and the United States.

4. Political Stance: He is a liberal when it comes to things like Illegal Immigration, gay marriage, and the womans right to choose. However, economically he is a moderate which should keep taxes down.


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