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January 6, 2008

Top 10 Reasons To Take Down Your Tree

You all know as well as I that taking down Christmas decorations may be tedious, so most of you put off this horrible Saturday-killer as much as possible. There are many reasons to get rid of your tree, but we thought that these are the top 10 reasons to do so:

10. You all of a sudden hate Pine-sol.
9. Waking up hastily to shattering Christmas ornaments falling off dead branches.
8. You thought you saw a squirrel in there 3 weeks ago.
7. Slipping over those damn needles every time you run to the toilet.
6. Having to go down to the basement and reset the circuit breakers every time you attempt to turn the air conditioner on.
5. The smell of rotting pine is not the most welcoming thing for guests.
4. Your wife might attempt to permanently move that ugly statue next to the TV because the tree is taking its spot.
3. Your other half’s suspicions of the “coincidental” correlation between your mother in law’s allergies to pine trees, and your refusal to take down the tree.
2. Pine cones hurt when you step on them.
1. Well jeez; it’s just embarrassing to have pine needles in your beach bag!