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January 10, 2008

Holiday Pet Attire: Tis the Season to be tortured?

Torture?, perhaps torture is too harsh a word. Although by definition torture can described by "intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain" - (Dictionary .com) which is fairly applicable. So what is this animal cruelty that I speak of? It's the act dressing up your pet, not for purpose but for your own amusement and entertainment. I agree that right about now that this could strike a sore spot with all animal lovers and owners who choose to "spoil" their pet with designer fashion, but sometimes you just have to think of the pet for a minute. If your pets looks something like "this" then maybe its not something for them. I do know of pets that do not mind the clothing, but c'mon people some owners are just blind to their own infliction of discomfort on their pets. If you are dressing up your pet because your house is cold or you are going to take them out of a walk on a cold or chilly day, that is a some what reasonable. Dressing up your pet thinking it will keep your house hair free during the shedding season you have mistaken. If you think dressing up your pet is going to keep them cleaner you have also mistaken. These clothes usually fit either very tight, or very loose on the pets. Think about it you had to wear a XXL Sweat Suit or a size double zero pair a jeans, I don't think you would be too happy for someone else's amusement. (unless that is your normal size) I have seen it with my own eyes, some pets could barely move in their outfits as well as seeing pets that look absolutely miserable with clothes on. I can't say that I am against all pet clothing, just please for the sake of your pets use some common sense, and avoid the apparent spread of the "Paris Hilton syndrome".

Below is my Top 10 List for signs that you should not be dressing up your pet anymore.

10. Your pet has a permanent "sad puppy dog face".

9. After wearing its Santa suit your pet now spends its time barking at and attacking Christmas decorations.

8. Your pets hair stands up after running across a carpeted room.

7. Your dog's sudden displeasure in being seen in public.

6. Your pet has changed colors.

5. Your dog waddles in its Halloween costume.

4. Your pet looks like this when you pull out a new outfit.

3. Your pet dresses better than you!

2. Your Yorkie now barks at higher pitch.

1. Your cat now looks like a Lawl or LOL Cat.

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