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April 9, 2008

Atlas Park Mall to Double In Size

Damon Hemmerdinger, Selling the Archie Bunker Borough Nationally

Damon Hemmerdinger, the owner of the massive Glendale mall the Shops at Atlas Park (and the son of M.T.A. chairman Dale Hemmerdinger), has been running around passing out $20,000 of his own money. Why? Because the 36-year-old wants people to shop! In Queens!
There is an awesome Q & A with Mr. Hemmerdinger. He speaks very highly of Queens.

Even now, we speak to national retail brokers or retailers’ in-house real estate people, and they’ll say, ‘I’m not interested in Queens.’ It’s hard to know what that means. It’s the entire population of San Diego county!

It’s more than the entire population of the state of West Virginia.

Right. It’s bigger than 19 states. To dismiss it before you even look still doesn’t make sense to me. But it happens all the time.

Iv'e been to Atlas Park a few times and think that it truely stands out, its not something you would expect in Glendale or anywhere in Queens for that matter. This project will make a ride into Glendale more feasible than a ride out to Roosevelt Fields, for most people. I don't know how the economy will affect this project, but I am all for it.