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April 9, 2008

Queens: Counterfit Tax Stamp Operation Bust

Police Bust Queens Counterfeit Tax Stamp Operation

Police officials busted a counterfeit operation that they said could have net millions in illegal cigarette sales.

Officials seized $6 million worth of fake tax stamps, which would have been put on cigarette boxes to appear they were taxed properly.

The operations was the largest seizure of counterfeit tax stamps in New York State history.

Undercover investigators say they sold tens of thousands of cartons of smuggled cigarettes to Queens resident Refea Al-Nablisi, 40, who then sold more than a million fake tax stamps.

Al-Nablisi faces 15 years in prison for tax violations and counterfeiting.

The bust is part of an ongoing investigation into gangs dealing in black market cigarettes.
Only in Queens.... Now my tobacco products will cost more too. First my Air Gordans and now my smokes. Maybe now the increased taxes will do something productive and progressive for New York City. *cough* Fund the St. Saviors Move *cough*