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April 13, 2008

Queens Economics Improving

Queens, NYC Economic Picture Shows Improvements

"It's a terrific time to live and work in Queens," Lieber said, pointing out that residential market values have doubled in the past six years, crime is down by one-third and graffiti clearance has become a principal program of the police and their auxiliary groups. Figuratively touring the borough, he began in Flushing, a big commercial and transportation center, where the Downtown Flushing Task Force was formed in 2002 and dedicated itself to cleaner streets and attractive signage.

In Jamaica, $80 million has been invested by the city in street improvement in the vicinity of the Airtrain station; and the project to build 350 apartments on the old Queens Family Courthouse site is another example of the public sector setting the stage for private development.

He said that "for too long, Willets Point has remained stagnant" with a bad sewer system and other conditions that have rendered the area a pollution problem. Proper sewers and lighting are the forerunners of vast residential and commercial development. Another task that must be carried out is job replacement for the job displacement that is taking place in Willets Point in the automotive collision and body businesses that operate there now. Willets Point presents a situation that has been neglected for too long, Lieber said, but no time should be wasted blaming previous administrations for it, just get on with setting it right.
Stuff like this gives me both hope and pride to live where I live. It also sounds politically driven but what isn't these days?