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April 3, 2008

Queens Artists Displaced By MTA Expansion Hold Last Exhibit

Queens Artists Displaced By MTA Expansion Hold Last Exhibit

Some artists in Queens who will be forced from their studios are using an art exhibit to expres frustrations over the MTA's East Side Access Project.

Artists who work at the Flux Factory in Long Island City, which is being closed and demolished as part of the project, are holding one more show – called “Everything Must Go” - before the building’s doors are shut forever.

"We have an artist who is going to be making, no offense to any actual MTA workers, it's going to be an MTA worker pinata that we'll have at the final party," said Flux Factory director Stefany Anne Golberg.

Flux Factory began as an artist collective in the early 1990s and has been in this space in Long Island City since 2002. At the site, artists create, collaborate, and showcase their art. Many live at the site, as well.

But with the MTA getting ready to demolish the building, artists like Nick Normal need to find new places to live by the end of the month. The situation inspired his artwork.
Flux Factory

More Photos to come. It's a shame that the artists are being forced out, but at least they are going out with a bang.


Lisa Biagiotti said...

Hello Mike: Thanks for your comments on Junction BLVD. I read your post on Flux Factory. Last night, I produced a video of Flux Factory's "Everything Must Go" opening night, which is posted on They had some interesting and complex installations. Lisa Biagiotti