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April 12, 2008

Woodhaven Lanes Gutter Balled Over Lease Renewal

Queens Bowlers Rally To Keep A Beloved Alley Open

Dozens of residents in Glendale, Queens rallied Saturday to keep the Woodhaven Lanes bowling alley open.

Area bowlers are not happy at the possibility of the alley closing its doors after more than 45 years in business. Thousands of signatures to keep the good times rolling.

"We want this to remain a bowling alley. This is more than just a bowling alley it's a community center,” said bowler Jim Santora.

The Brunswick Bowling company said it will not renew its lease after the current league season ends this spring.
Maybe with all the space being added at Atlas Park, Woodhaven Lanes could have a new home. I always felt it was over priced but it was always packed with people, definitely something that will be missed.