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March 24, 2008

Cars Got Larger, Drive Ways stayed the same, SUVs Got Tickets

Homeowners Ticketed For Parking In Own Drive

A Bay Terrace homeowner has been ticketed three times in the past month for parking in his own driveway.
“A guy came through two or three times in the same month. He ticketed two of the cars, but not the third, even though the third was over just as much,” said Anthony Scharge, long time Bay Terrace resident.

Well sadly Queens residents eat up nearly one third of all the parking tickets dealt in the New York City Area. Is this a new all time low? An all- time low maybe... but this act of ticketing has been practiced in Flushing for as long as I can remeber (as the family minivan renders our driveway unusable).

However, if blocking the sidewalks becomes an accepted practice and not enforced like the Bayside residents are suggesting, then it is plausable to suggest that we could see many more people doing the same, as well as people trying to pack in two cars into one driveway space and big cargo vans blocking sidewalks more so than they already do. There is no simple way out, and every solution creates another problem.