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March 9, 2008

Queens Night Life: PLUM Restruant/Lounge

If you are an avid "Lounger" who wants to change things up from the usual lounges in the Bayside/ Queens area. PLUM on Bell Boulevard and 48th Avenue is probably a place you want to check out. My first impression while walking in was "wow its pretty dark in here", it looked very upscale and very much geared towards people in there low to mid twenties. The place itself was pretty interesting and it had a different vibe, similar to a club setting but with tables and chairs where a dance floor would be. My own experience was mediocre, mainly because of a small desert menu ( I already had a nice home cooked meal) I ended up ordering a Cheese cake which was pretty good. It looked pretty empty in there considering it was a Saturday night with an exception of a party going on at the bar area.
My critique was the prices of the beers there, they were all about $6.00 each! I couldn't justify spending Shea Stadium priced brews, so I wouldn't advise going for a couple drinks. From what I have heard from other people was that their dinner menu is pretty good, maybe another review is to come. On a side note the bathroom there was very decorated with slate tiles on the walls and floor and rocks in the sinks, I was impressed.
Parking is another issue as is much of the Bell Boulevard area of Bayside. Thankfully it is surrounded by mostly residential housing, which makes it a "feast or famine" sort of ordeal.

*Shortcut to get there: If you are coming from the Long Island Expressway get off at Utopia Parkway. Make a left onto Utopia going towards Northern Boulevard. Make a right onto 46th Avenue/Hollis Court, merge to the left at the fork. Stay on the same road as it switches names a few times (such as 47th Avenue). You will end up at Bell Boulevard much quicker than taking Northern Boulevard all the way down.

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