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March 2, 2008

Go Take a Hike MetroCards!

The basic transit fare may still be $2 on Sunday, but for the majority of New York City's straphanging multitudes that's when it will once again cost more to ride buses and subways.

Only 14 percent of bus and subway riders pay the basic fare.

As of March 1, tickets on the Long Island Rail Road will increase. The following day most fares for subway and bus trips will rise, while higher bridge and tunnel tolls will kick in March 16.

The new round of hikes was ratified just before Christmas when the Metropolitan Transportation board voted overwhelming to charge more.

Read the Whole Story Here: MetroCard, LIRR hike takes effect this weekend

Well once again the MTA is crying poverty, but we all know the truth is that they funnel out millions and millions of tax payer dollars hence the budget "crisis".

The Long Island Railroad apparently felt that they weren't expensive enough as is. I thought $12.00 round trip was expensive, I guess not.

With the tunnel and bridge tolls rising as well, this is like a triple whammy.

When the Recession finally hits when there is no more points of interest left to cut, things will get bad. This is especially true since inflation is still on the rise. Now with the government nickel and diming us the economy is really going to fall flat.

Apparently this was a battle NYPIRG could not win.

But hey now with these toll increases, maybe they can fix the Throgs Neck Bridge before it falls into the water. While they are at it they should build that RFK bridge that was proposed awhile back.


JEMi said...


LIRR is hiking up??

hmmm.. guess I better sit down then *shrugs*

liz said...

I'm shocked at the current fare prices! At the risk of 'dating' myself, I remember NYCTA fares to be between 50 and 60 cents! Yikes!