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March 9, 2008

Pot Holes No Longer An Issue?

Apparently that is what the New York Department of Transportation was saying. Claiming that they attend to potholes with in 3 days of discovery. However, I know in my own daily driving that I come across so many potholes in the Flushing/Fresh Meadows area that have not been fixed yet for so long that it is now instinctive to avoid certain stretches of certain roads. (Mainly around Peck Park and Kissena Park.)

Potholes: The City Says They Only Exist For A Couple Days But Queens Residents Say Differently:

No one denies that many of the City’s roadways can be a bit rocky. The discrepancy lies with how quickly the city acts to shore up potholes and other defects in the roadway.
Scott Gastel, New York City Department of Transportation deputy press secretary, said that potholes are filled in less than three days.

Stella Rakhman of Community Board 8 said although there weren’t any outstanding complaints in the district, DOT usually took approximately 30 to 45 days to fix a pothole.
Even in DOT’s own ranks, there is a discrepancy. Craig Chin, DOT spokesman said on average it takes nine days to repair a pothole.
“We have a number of complaints, but not any more than normal,” Gaska said of the pothole situation within the boundaries of Board 14. “In the last year they have gotten a little better.”