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March 27, 2008

Plays Becoming More Popular in Queens?

Tell that to the 91 year old Ridgewood Theater

The Play's The Thing: More risk-taking might boost Queens theaters
One advantage of those older plays is that they have a lot of characters, and the more actors in a play, the more people to spread the word, and the more of their friends to come to see it.

Another advantage is the name recognition. The typical theatergoer will more likely go to something they have heard of, rather than a work unknown to them. So when the Phoenix Players present "Tea," opening Friday, or The Outrageous Fortune Company produces "The Moonlight Room," recently closed, a chance is taken in the hope that the adventurous and sophisticated theatergoer will show up.

It would also be wise to appeal to an audience besides white older people, such as blacks, Latinos and Asians. Queens is known for its diversity - let's see more of it in our theaters. And, of course, all this has to be marketed. A mailing list may be fine, and so are fliers and newspaper notices, but Web sites and the Internet are gaining in popularity and acceptance. Still nothing beats word-of-mouth, but first you have to get the public to pay attention. Any suggestions?
Advertisements are important, but encouraging other people to come is key in my opinion.

"Hey what are you doing next Friday night? You should come with us to this play its supposed to be good".

More people will show up that way then if they see a commercial for it on T.V. or hear it on the Radio.

Have amateur locals be involved in the production, even if it is someone holding up a sign or an extra walking across the stage, it is likely all his/her friends will be there to watch.

Make it appealing, especially to women. Not only will they go, but will drag along a friend or 2.

Location makes all the difference. A local place such as Queens College or another place with a large auditorium works best. I sure am more likely to attend a production in Flushing, Bayside or Fresh Meadows more so than somewhere like Glendale or Rosedale for example, simply because its a nice drive away.